Can you ace our ultimate guitar quiz?

A guitar quiz to test your knowledge.

So, you think you know your guitars? Well, let’s see how you go with our ultimate guitar quiz. Good luck, and please share.

Quiz #10

Which guitar has Joan Jett played for most of her career?
How did Django Reinhardt's fourth and fifth finger on his left hand become paralyzed?
Which guitar appears in Prince's 'Purple Rain' video?
Whom did Les Paul often perform with?
Which guitar did AC/DC's Malcolm Young play for most of his career?
Who brought the 1964 Airline Res-O-Glas into vogue?
Which is correct about Tony Iommi?
What is BB King's birth name?
What did Stevie Ray Vaughn affectionately call his famous Stratocaster?
What name did Roy Buchanan give to his 1953 Fender Telecaster?
Quiz #10
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