Can you answer all 10 questions in our Joan Jett quiz?

With her distinctive ‘balls-to-the-wall’  sound, Joan Jett has been a force to be reckoned with  since her days as rhythm guitarist and lead singer for all-girl rockers The Runaways. So, how well you know the queen of rock ‘n’ roll? Take our Joan Jett quiz to find out. Good luck!

Quiz #9

Which guitar has Jett played for most of her career?
Jett does something unusual with one of the knobs on her guitar. What is it?
Who is the Blackhearts' current lead guitar player
In which US city was Jett born?
Which movie did Jett star in with Michael J Fox
Who was the original singer for The Runaways before Joan took over?
Of which Broadway production was Jett an original cast member?
Which guitar virtuoso did Jett play with in The Runaways?
What is Jett's birth name?
Who is the long-term drummer who has been with the Blackhearts since 1981?
Quiz #9
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