We bet you can’t identify these rock stars by their real names

Can you recognise these 10 musicians by the names on their birth certificates? To find out, take this Rock Stars’ Real Names quiz. There are clues in the images. Good luck, and please share your result.

Richard Starkey

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Ex-Beatle drummer, Ringo Starr

Riley B. King

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Legendary blues guitarist B B King.

Dave Evans

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U2's sculptor of sound, The Edge

David Van Cortland

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CS & N's master of harmony David Crosby.

Declan McManus

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Irish singer/songwriter Elvis Costello.

Chaim Witz

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The bassist with a ridiculously long tongue, Gene Simmons.

Michael Balzary

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Bass maestro Flea.

John Baldwin

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Legendary Led Zeppelin bassist, John Paul Jones.

Soul Hudson

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Guns and Roses axe man Slash.


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