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Just recently, ex-Beatle Paul McCartney visited New Zealand and wowed audiences. At 75 years of age, his stamina is amazing. Anyway, his arrival prompted us to put together this Paul McCartney quiz. Give it a go!

Quiz #7

On which song did Paul collaborate with Michael Jackson?
Which former Beatles appeared in Paul's movie Give my regards to Broad Street?
On which of the following Beatle songs did Paul play lead guitar?
What is the title of the first song Paul ever wrote?
How old was Paul when he met Jon Lennon?
Which bass guitar was Paul known for in his early career?
Which Beatle track did Paul play drums on?
Which famous band did Denny Laine play for before joining Wings?
Which controversial rapper did Paul recently collaborate with?
On which early McCartney album did Every Night appear?
Quiz #7
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